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Art generated by a procedural generation algorithm based on random programmed Turing Machines.


What initially was an investigation project about artificial intelligence, turned into an art project. The main goal of "Singularity Project" was to discover artificial intelligence by spontaneous generation of random programs. From this project, the "Trenti" test was born.

Trenti is a platform in which a Turing machine is programmed randomly, it is executed and its results can be seen and heard. The representation of the program output is a low resolution 8-bit audio and image format. It was just a little experiment to go forward with the main project, where the machine could be capable of reading data from the environment. Trenti just generates blind-and-deaf random programs, but they can think and express by themselves.

By observing the system's output, BrainX acts as a passive artist, by capturing the patterns that inspire more beauty. Through this machine generated patterns, he selects the most interesting ones and turns them into art.

The whole work context, beginning from programming the system to data recollection, brings up some interesting questions. What hides behind randomness? What can be considered art? What can be considered life? Can a machine produce art? Can an individual be capable of creating art only by observing its environment? Who is the artist, the machine or the programmer? What is the artwork, the system itself or the images generated from it?

This project investigates the possibility of generating a complete autonomous system, creative and with character of its own.